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Speech Language at CCE

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Mrs. Sealock

Hi there!


My name is Amy Sealock.  I am one of the Speech Language Pathologists at Coyote Creek. I have been an SLP for over 20 years and I LOVE MY JOB!!!  I have worked at CCE for 15 years! Prior to working in DCSD, I worked for DPS. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and moved to Denver (on a whim!) over 20 years ago.  As much as I love living in Colorado, I am a loyal Cubs fan!!! I have been married for 20 years and have two adventurous teenagers and two spunky dogs at home. We are a very active family and enjoy hiking, boating, skiing/snowboarding, motor cross, camping, and exploring Colorado. 


Throughout my career, I have worked with students in all populations: elementary, middle, and high schools.  However, being in the elementary school is by far my favorite as I am a strong advocate for early intervention!  For the past several years, I have had the amazing opportunity to allow me to work solely with the Significant Support Needs population.  It is a privilege to empower these students to communicate through a variety of creative and alternative methods. I love to collaborate with families and support staff to best assist the needs of the students. My therapy style is just like me...quirky, silly, and fun!!  


This year, I am excited to be back at work full time. I am looking forward to a great year!!  You can reach me at

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