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English Language Development (ELD)

English Language Development at Douglas County School District

English Learners (ELs) are served through a variety of programming options based on their individual needs using the Response to Intervention framework to guide decisions. Practices include collaboration, coaching, co-teaching and direct English language and content instruction. Intensity of services is determined using the collaborative problem-solving approach embedded in the RtI framework.

Tier I Universal Classroom Instruction - Classroom teachers, content area specialists, and ESL specialists collaborate using a variety of instructional strategies to support language development and content growth throughout the school day.

Tier II Targeted Instruction - ESL specialists or other support staff work with students in a small group setting to target the specific language development needs of the group. At the secondary level, this may be facilitated through a specific course, such as Sheltered Language Arts or Social Studies.

Tier III Intensive instruction - ESL specialists work individually with students, such as newcomers, who require intensive support.

ESL and Content teachers make instructional decisions to ensure English language development and content learning occurs throughout the school day. The role of the ESL Teacher is determined by the school’s needs on an individual and group level. All ELs have an English Language Learner Plan addressing individual student’s specific ELD needs.

Mrs. Cimbura
ELD Teacher


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