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Welcome to Coyote Creek!

Welcome to Coyote Creek! We are a neighborhood elementary school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We opened our doors in 1995, and are proud to have served our amazing community for nearly 30 years.  Throughout this time, Coyote Creek has remained a high achieving school that has been awarded the John Irwin School of Excellence award as well as the Governor's Distinguished Award. We strive to nurture all areas of our students development and learning.

We're proud to be coyotes, and are excited to welcome you to a new school year!

Letter from the Principal, Amy Rahne

WOW! I feel like I am home. After teaching at Coyote Creek for seven years (at the beginning of the century, 2000-2007), I have spent time honing my craft as an educator and learning how | want to lead a community of young learners into the future. The last 13 years have prepared me for this next adventure. I was chosen to be on the core team to open a new elementary school, became an elementary school assistant principal and interim principal for two years, then decided to try something different and have spent the last six years as an assistant principal at a middle school in a neighboring school district. I am humbled and honored that your interview team chose me to help lead your community for the foreseeable future. 

Family is important. I cherish my own family and honor the family unit as a whole. My work place becomes my second family and I know how important it is to build strong relationships. In order to build those relationships, I think it is important to get to know one another so here is a little about me. My husband is a teacher at Rock Canyon High School and we have four kids. Our daughters are older - one is out of college working for an eye doctor, one is getting ready to graduate and student teach this fall, and another is studying at Colorado Mesa to be an occupational therapist. Our youngest is a freshman at Rock Canyon. He keeps us busy by playing three sports during the year. Spending time with my extended family is another favorite pastime. My parents and many aunts and uncles live in the area and we enjoy being together. They are a great support system to me and my family. I am quite sure you will meet some of them at community events. As a long-time Colorado resident, I love to spend time outdoors hiking and skiing. 

As elementary educators we don't usually get to see the fruit of our labor, but I think it is important to celebrate little victories that our students accomplish along their learning journey. Two words that I would say embody who I am as an educator are growth and empathy. I value growth in everything students do. I love the light bulb moments" and to see children learn and grow. I also value empathy and think it is the most important thing we can teach our children. As I work through conflicts with students, I focus on how the situation made the other person feel, and how they can right their wrong and reintegrate with their community. I think that when kids can learn from their mistakes and understand their place in their community that they will make better choices and learn from their mistakes. 

Please stop by and introduce yourself. I firmly believe it takes a village to raise productive citizens and I look forward to working with you to help your children be the best they can be. 

Looking forward to working with you,

Amy Rahne

Mission & Vision

Coyote Creek Elementary
Collaborating to Inspire Achievement

Coyote Creek provides every student the opportunity for personal growth and maximum achievement in academics and essential life skills in order to motivate all students to make a positive impact on themselves, their school, and their community.

Coyote Creek strives to provide a challenging standards based curriculum which motivates students to think critically, problem solve and to be mindful.  Professionals collaborate with students to foster awareness of self and others in a safe and inclusive environment.

Positive (Impact) 
Aware (Self & Others)
Wise (Academics)
Safe (Environment)
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