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Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational Therapy

Students with significant fine and/or gross motor deficits may qualify for supports to enable them to benefit from their educational environment. This can be provided in a variety of settings including some direct services or through in-class support. Students may receive writing or cutting devices, standers and/or various other fine or gross motor equipment to enable them to access instruction. 

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Tanya Wentworth

Hello! I’m Tanya Wentworth and I have been a part of DCSD since 2005! I have practiced Occupational Therapy for a total of 28 years in Boston, San Francisco and now Colorado. You can find me in the ThunderRidge Feeder working with all ages of students from Kindergarten right up through High School. I find it really rewarding when I see a student have their “I get it!” moment.  I love collaborating with my teammates, families and kiddos to help them be a lifelong learner.  I feel kids can teach us something new each day. 

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