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Special Education: Mild/Moderate Needs

Targeted Services
The continuum of special education services (universal, targeted, intensive) is designed to ensure that students are able to access and make progress in the general curriculum. Service delivery is driven by student need and subject to change as the student makes progress towards goals and objectives and is served in the least restrictive environment.


Moderate Needs Support

Moderate Needs is an individualized service delivery model that primarily utilizes inclusive practices through a combination of special education support provided in the general classroom environment and/or special education support provided outside the general classroom environment.  

To learn about Significant Needs Support, please visit the Significant Support Needs page. 

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Barb Voelker

Hello! I am the full-time Learning Specialist and Special Education Team Lead at Coyote Creek.I have been working in DCSD for over 20 years and have been at CCE since 1999.Prior to working in Douglas County, I worked for the Fargo, ND Public School District.


My position at Coyote Creek involves evaluating, determining eligibility and delivering academic services to students who qualify for special education as having a specific learning disability. If you have questions or concerns about the Special Education process, feel free to contact me. You may contact me at

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Chiara Bialkowski

Hello!  My name is Chiara Bialkowski and I am an Education Specialist in the area of Special Education at Coyote Creek Elementary School.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California Davis, and my teaching credential and master’s in Special Education from National University, graduating magna cum laude and receiving the Pathways to Success award for outstanding academic achievement.  I have been working with students for nine years, in public, private and charter programs.  I am passionate about providing my students with the best possible academic support while making their time at Coyote Creek educational, memorable and enriching.  I am always happy to speak with parents regarding their students, or to answer any questions I may be able to assist with in the special education arena.  Please feel free to reach out to me at

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